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Grey Cloud Island Law Enforcement Transition

During the November 9, 2022, Grey Cloud Island Town Board Meeting, Chief Deputy Doug Anschutz and Commander Tim Harris from Washington County Sheriff’s Office shared details regarding the preparations for the transition of Grey Cloud Island from St. Paul Park Police Department to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and to answer questions.

Some relevant points covered during the meeting:

  1. The department has 60 deputies and 10 sergeants;

  2. An adjustment to the patrol zones for faster response times was made;

  3. The computer systems were updated to accept and respond to calls;

  4. Increased staff by 5.5 full time employees (a class of 6 are in training).

Residents can expect:

  1. A smooth transition up to 2 days prior to the January 1 holiday;

  2. No change in the contact number. When residents call 911, they will speak to the Washington County Sheriff's Office;

  3. Washington County Sheriff’s Office works with other police departments under a mutual aid agreement (St. Paul Park, Newport, Woodbury etc.);

  4. Additional services available through Washington County Sheriff’s Office are detectives, canine units, and a Special Enforcement Team (SET);

  5. Routine patrols.

The Washington County Sheriff’s Office welcomes Grey Cloud Island and looks forward to serving the township.

This transition will be effective January 1, 2023.



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