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Woodbury HRA/City Council Meeting on February 14, 2024

The Housing and Redevelopment Authority immediately preceded the City Council Meeting.

The Council held public hearings for three items. The first was for a change in the set-back ordinance for unattached outbuildings, primarily garages, in rural areas R1 and R2 from 100 feet to 50 feet. This was adopted. 

The second was for the development of a parcel along Bielenberg Drive to initially include Top Golf and Main Event. These facilities will include golf and bowling spaces, restaurants, arcade games, and event venues. After considerable discussion and clarification this was adopted. 

The third was a tax abatement bond issue for the Central Park improvement project. Recreation projects can't be funded with general obligation bonds, so this is a requirement before the bonds used to pay for the project can be sold. This also passed. 

A link for the meeting recording is here. A link for the agenda and meeting materials is here.



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