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Let’s Talk Series

Scene on Radio: Summer Mini-series of Rebroadcasts 2022

A variety of hosts cover a broad range of topics including U.S. government programs and support designed to benefit particular racial groups, disparate treatment of Black farmers by the U.S. government, the disproportionate empathy extended to men, the healing power of music, how Black mothers grieve and protect the innocence and hope of Black children, climate change and lessons learned from COVID 19, and the cultural transformation needed to change needed to live in good health. 

Tuesday, September 27    - White Affirmative Action 
Tuesday, October 4        - Losing Ground
Tuesday, October 18        - Himpathy
Tuesday, November 1    - From the Hot Take podcast - Climate Change
Tuesday, November 15    - Things I am Afraid to Say and Prince and Philando and Future
Tuesday, November 29    - Change Everything 


Scene on Radio series Men for the Winter/Spring Series 2023.  
Host John Biewen and co-host Celeste Headlee explore the male-dominated world, the evolution of  sexism, patriarchy, misogyny and how we can get better at seeing it and what can we do about it.

Tuesday, January 10        - Dick Move and I Ain’t No Amoeba
Tuesday, January 24         - Skeleton War 
Tuesday, February 7        - Feminism in Black and White 
Tuesday, February 21    - More than Paper Cuts 
Tuesday, March 7        - Warriors 
Tuesday, March 21         - Himpathy 
Tuesday, April 4        - American Made 
Tuesday, April 18        - Be Like You 
Tuesday, May 2         - The Juggernaut 
Tuesday, May 16        - Domination and The End of Male Supremacy? 

The ABC Audio - podcast Reclaimed for the Fall Series 2023
The story of Mamie Till-Mobley. and her response to the death of her son, Emmett, a 14 years old boy who was kidnapped, tortured and murdered during a summer visit to Mississippi. The story of the survivors of the Tulsa, Oklahoma race riot.

Tuesday, October 3        - Introduction of Reclaimed and Innocence 
Tuesday, October 17        - Guilt 
Tuesday, October 31        - Justice     
Tuesday, November 14     - The Survivors –  (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)


  • Recommend a study to determine what our local governments are doing to take meaningful action in the areas of DEI.

  • Extend conversations that have happened in small groups in 2019-2020 though such efforts as the book club an “Seeing White” discussion series, to the broader membership.

  • Establish a WCGA statement about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion recognizing the need for both an internal and external lens.



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