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Program for Action • 2023-2025

LWV Minnesota’s positions on a broad range of public policy issues are its Program For Action. Because LWV Minnesota is part of LWV United States, it automatically adopts all positions within their Impact on the Issues publication. Our Program For Action provides an overview of the US positions alongside the state-specific positions LWV Minnesota has adopted as well.


• League of Women Voters Minnesota (LWVMN) Program for Action - link

• League of Women Voters U.S. (LWVUS) Impact on Issues - link


LWV WCGA Positions

Local Leagues may advocate on any League of Women Voter’s Position at the state LWVMN or National LWVUS level.  Local Leagues may also develop their own positions.

Current Positions (see member directory)

  • Aging with Dignity (Adopted 2008; Revised October 2017)

  • Local Water Resource Management (Adopted April 1984; Revised February 2022)

  • Action and Education on Affordable Housing (2006)

Archived Positions

  • Education (from 1974-1982)

  • Chemical Abuse (date unknown)

  • Land Use: Comprehensive plan (date unknown)

  • Woodbury Housing (1974)

  • Public/Private Partnerships for Parks & Recreational Facilities (1992)

  • Woodbury Growth and Sustainability (Education activities 1997-2000)

Positions Dropped in 2020

  • Solid Waste-Recycling (1988)

Future Studies

  • Local governments actions in the area of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

How We Adopt Positions
LWV at all levels adopts positions based on careful study and consensus. To adopt a position, members must conduct sanctioned studies on an issue for a two-year period. The recommendations from the study are brought to the larger body for a vote, and if approved, become part of the official positions supported by LWV.
The positions formed through our study process are the basis of our advocacy work. Local LWVs may also adopt positions at the local level relating to local issues. While the League of Women Voters never supports or opposes a political candidate or party, we do advocate for our adopted positions on vital issues of concern to members and the public.

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