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Board of Directors 2023-2024

(end of term noted)

Executive Committee (two-year term)

President: Andrea Hable (2025)

Vice President:  open

Treasurer: Ellen Pearson (2025)

Secretary: Michelle Behling (2025)

Directors (two-year term)

Advocacy Director: OPEN

Legislative Interviews Coordinator: Betsy Stites (2025)

Membership Director: Jean Roemer (2024)

Newsletter Director: Leigh Stewart (2024)

Public Relations Director: Jodi Ritacca (2024)

Voter Services Director: Linda Walling (2025)


Appointed Positions (two-year term)

Candidate Forums Chair: Sue Swanson (2024)

Voter Outreach Chairs: Mary Brodd and Ellen Pearson (2024)

Appointed Positions (one-year term)

Arrangements Chair: Tam Mittelstadt (2024)

History Chair: Maggie Hickel (2023)

Local Advocacy Chairs: Tam Mittelstadt and Heather Mockler (2023)

Publications and Technology Chair: Mary Brodd (2023)

Redistricting Chairs: Vivian Latimer Tanniehill and Dawn Tuveson (2023)

Environment Chairs: Lynne Markus and Sumitra Ness (2023)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Betsy Stites

Inter League Organizations (ILO)

Council of Metropolitan Area Leagues (CMAL):

Delegate: OPEN

Upper Mississippi River Region (UMMR):

Delegate: Lynne Markus (2023)

Nominations Committee

Chair: OPEN

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