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from "LWV Minnesota’s positions on a broad range of public policy issues are its Program For Action. Because LWV Minnesota is part of LWV United States, it automatically adopts all positions within their Impact on the Issues publication. Our Program For Action provides an overview of the US positions alongside the state-specific positions LWV Minnesota has adopted as well."

League of Women Voters of Minnesota Program for Action (2019-2021)


We support the development of an informed, engaged and committed membership. We support building connections and relationships that are inclusive and in providing a space where members feel they can do their best work. We support a League environment that is diverse, equitable and inclusive. We seek to provide volunteer opportunities where members feel that their work makes a difference and they are making a valuable contribution to our community. 

We support redistricting reforms that maximize voter representation and prevent gerrymandering.

We support improving legislative rules and practices to improve transparency and public participation, including ending the use of large omnibus bills or late-session rush.

We support funding for election security, ensuring state laws on voter assistance comply with federal law, and prevent practices that intimidate or inhibit voters from lawfully casting a ballot. We support hosting voter registration events, educational forums, and programs to educate voters on critical issues and about candidates in federal, state, and local races.


Were recognize the need for surface water management in Cottage Grove, Gray Cloud Island Township, Newport, St. Paul Park and Woodbury. We support management plans that balance watershed and local concerns. Additionally, we support using the best management options, enforcement mechanisms and a time scheduled to review the plans' effectiveness. We support adequate funding for plans and making use of planning assistance from external technical resources and agencies. We recommend Watershed Management Organizations monitor local enforcement and evaluate the effectiveness of local plans. We support public education of water issues using resources available through schools, local government and LWV.


·      Organize this new group and determine processes. "Climate change and the environment" is the focus of education and action in our service area: the Cities of Cottage Grove, Newport, St. Paul Park and Woodbury, and Grey Cloud Island Township.

·      Continue engagement with City of Woodbury regarding environmental progress.

·      Identify key local climate and environment issues and how to address them with other WCGA groups/other LWVs, partner organizations, and/or through individual action.

2020 Partners & Coalitions

We collaborate with several organizations on a variety of issues. Not all of our partners are listed here. Currently, we are formally part of the following coalitions and partnerships:

  • Voting Rights Network

  • Minnesota Alliance for Democracy

  • Minnesota Census Mobilization Partnership

  • Minnesota Statewide Complete Census Count

  • Restore the Vote MN

  • Minnesota Environmental Partnership

We Need Your Support Today!

Membership in LWV is open to anyone age sixteen and older. With nearly 800 state and local affiliates nationwide, LWV is where hands-on work to safeguard democracy leads to civic improvement! Join us in Making Democracy Work™!

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