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District 834 School Board Business Meeting on January 9, 2024

School Board organization was addressed with Alison Sherman re-elected as board chair and committee assignments approved. 

Marie Schrul, Executive Director of Finance, presented on the status of bonds/rating. 

District 834 Stillwater school board members approved a salary raise to receive an average of the surrounding school districts. They have not had a raise in 9 years and are currently last on the list of salaries in the comparative areas. This will have an impact of approximately $4,600 on the budget.

Board Member Code of Conduct Policies 209 and 201.4 were reviewed with discussion of aligning them.

Members held a brief discussion on Minnesota School Board Association (MSBA) and Stillwater calendars to adjust for two conflicting meeting dates, which will be resolved at a future meeting. 

Superintendent Mike Funk presented the 2024 legislative priorities, linked here.

The board went into closed session to consider strategy for labor negotiations.

A link to the meeting video is here. A link to the meeting agenda and materials is here. 



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