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2023 Annual Fundraising Campaign Report

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

3/2/2023 Update — total now at $4,003! Thanks to all who have given so far!

Fundraising Planning Committee for 2023

Vivian Latimer Tanniehill and the Fundraising Committee: Ellen Pearson, Andrea Hable, and Mary Brodd.

Kickoff February 1, 2023

The Annual Fundraising Campaign was held February 1-28 and began with a virtual kick-off on February 1. The Team Leads and Co-Leads along with League members paired up to play a fun Trivia Game. The game host was Ellen Pearson and Vivian Latimer Tanniehill kept score. Questions were developed around why the League is fundraising, League fast facts and Civics. Betsy Stites and Rebecca Fuller were a great team and tied for third place with Co-Team Lead Sonja Latimer and teammate Julie Zeidel. Second place was Mary Brodd, and the highest score was earned by Andrea Hable and her daughter Eleanor. It was an exciting, fun, and competitive game.

Floral Design Workshops

On February 11 and 12, Vivian Latimer Tanniehill and daughter Sonja Latimer hosted two Floral Design Workshops. The workshop on February 11 was for couples and the February 12 workshop was for individuals. The four couples were promised a romantic evening and snacked on caviar and champagne while creating their floral arrangements. They had a wonderful time, started new friendships, and created beautiful floral arrangements. The couples were a little camera shy, but Sonja and her husband Tawala Storay were happy to show off their arrangements.

The following day, they hosted a group of six women to a fun afternoon of design instruction, snacks, and creative floral design. Six of the four women attending were League members. The women enjoyed meeting in person, making new friends, chatting, snacking, and working on their own creations. The two-hour session flew by, and participants rushed home to Superbowl parties, where their table settings included a beautiful floral arrangement that they created.

Interestingly enough, one person from each workshop gifted their arrangement to other people. Sometimes the joy of trying something new is just as rewarding as gifting the arrangement you created to another person. Unfortunately, we were unable to accommodate everyone who were interested in attending. We are considering another Floral Design Workshop for Mother’s Day, depending upon the interest.

Supplies and floral products for the Pre-Valentine’s Day Floral Design Workshops were donated by the hostess Vivian Latimer Tanniehill.

Donations via GoFundMe

The fundraising campaign received donations from members of the community and League members alike. The Annual Fundraising Committee is appreciative of the spirit of giving to this worthy cause. As of Tuesday, February 28, at 10:00 a.m., we had donations of $3,868.00.

A final report on our fundraising efforts will be provided in the April newsletter.

Thanks, and a Summer Celebration

Our League has worked hard on our mission to empower voters and defend democracy over the past few years, and we have not taken time to fully celebrate our success. With the success of the fundraising effort and the transition of leadership from Betsy Stites to Andrea Hable, it is an appropriate time to recognize the success of our fundraiser, the change of leadership and our overall efforts as a League. LWV WCGA will be hosting a League Family Picnic on Sunday, July 16, to celebrate our work and our family commitment. A planning committee will be convened in May, if you are interested in joining the planning committee contact, Vivian Latimer Tanniehill.

Again, many thanks to everyone who joined us for an activity or made a donation to our Annual Fundraising Campaign.



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