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SoWashCo Community Survey Results and More

The 833 School Board meeting held on February 2, 2023 had a busy night. Although the video of the workshop meeting ended at 2 hours and 35 minutes, the meeting continued. For the district’s notes for the meeting go here. The meeting is available to watch here.

Some of the highlights from the meeting:

  • James Magee, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion spoke about the district’s three-year plan to improve racial, ethnic, and economic achievement and integration. District 833 adjoins District 196 Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan which has been designated a Racially Isolating District. You can read more about that designation here. Stillwater School District participates in this plan voluntarily. The plan with the full budget will be reviewed on February 16, 2023, for approval. The presentation link is here. Time stamp is 10:05.

  • Peter Leatherman from The Morris Leatherman Company presented the results from their community survey conducted in December 2022. The Morris Leatherman Company will give the school board and school district a full report. A link to the presentation should be emailed to families this week. The link to his presentation is here. Time stamp is 32:07.

  • Dan Pyan, Executive Director of Finance and Operations presented an update on the status of the district’s Transportation Department, which is still suffering from staff shortages. The presentation link is here. Time stamp is 1:28:09.

  • Dr. Tyrone Brookins, Kelly Jansen & Kristine Schaefer, the three Assistant Superintendents for the 833 District with Abby Baker, Director of Human Resources made a presentation explaining scheduling and staffing for the district’s schools. Their presentation is here. Time stamp is 1:56:30.

  • Julie Neilson, the District Superintendent, presented the first reading of the 2023-24 School Calendar. The proposed calendar will be reviewed on February 16, 2023 for approval. The proposed calendar is here. Time stamp is 2:24:37.



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