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ISD 834 Stillwater School Board Business Meeting ~ September 26, 2023

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Public comment:

Some residents spoke about the school building in Bayport.

Superintendent report (34:00)

Superintendent Michael Funk spoke about creating the best environment for students

and staff, future growth, fiscal responsibility, Stillwater taxes and new building in


Property tax levy (50:00)

A preliminary property tax levy was adopted. Most residential homes would expect to

see a slight decrease in property tax. A Truth in Taxation meeting is scheduled for

December 5, 2023. The levy must be certified with the MN Department of Education.

After October 1, 2023, the levy amount cannot be increased, it can only be decreased.

The levy revenue is approximately 31% of the budget. The school board must certify the

final 2023 payable 2024 property tax levy on December 19.

Closed session:

The board went into closed session in the matter of ISD834 v EN Properties LCC, et al.

A link for the YouTube video is here. A link for the meeting documents is here.



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