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Let’s Talk - Second Season: The Land That Never Has Been Yet

By Vivian Latimer Tanniehill, Advocacy Director, and Tam Mittelstadt – Let’s Talk Facilitators

The wildly popular discussion series Let’s Talk will resume on March 11 and will meet bi-weekly through June 17.

Once again, we will utilize Scene On Radio podcasts hosted by John Biewen and guest collaborator Chenjerai Kumanyika as our discussion starters. The Season 4 podcast’s title, The Land That Never Has Been Yet, is taken from the poem Let America Be American Again by Langston Hughes whose writings helped to shape the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s. This series of podcasts touches on concerns of today such as authoritarianism, voter

suppression and gerrymandering, foreign intervention, and the role of money in politics. Biewen promises to go much deeper in retelling the story of the United States from its beginning to the present using field recordings and interviews with leading thinkers and experts.

Let’s Talk series facilitators Vivian Latimer Tanniehill and Tam Mittelstadt will guide a cohort of members through sixteen podcasts that will explore critical questions about our democracy and its history. The host, John Biewen, states, “American democracy is clearly in crisis today, but… when was it not?” Join us as we explore the history of our democracy and its untold and under-told stories that answers Biewen’s question, “How democratic was the U.S. ever meant to be, anyway?”

This year’s sessions of Let’s Talk will be held every other Thursday, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., beginning on March 11. This discussion series is open to members of LWV WCGA only.


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