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June and July 2023 Cottage Grove City Council Meetings

During the June 21, 2023 Cottage Grove City Council Meeting, County Commissioner Karla Bigham spoke during open forum, sharing that the County board approved a Conservation Easement and a $500 thousand Legacy bond for the Mississippi Dunes property. The money will be used to expand the park and open space along the river on the property. Time Stamp: 5:40.

The Craig Wollery Scholarship awards were presented. This scholarship helps local young people pay for their education in pursuing careers in public safety. Time Stamp: 7:43.

Council approved the 2022 Cottage Grove Annual Financial Report after a summary of the report was presented, followed by analysis and comments from an independent auditor. Time stamp: 14:52.

Council approved a $300 fine for a tobacco compliance check violation that occurred on May 23, 2023, when a business failed to ask a decoy for age or an ID for smokeless tobacco. Time stamp is 45:40.

Here are links for the video and meeting agenda with packets.

During the July 19, 2023 Cottage Grove City Council Meeting, Council approved a set-back variance for a resident who built their shed in violation of city ordinance. The item had been on the consent agenda, but was approved separately after a resident, who is a neighbor, and the property owner spoke. The resident objected to consideration of the variance, citing unequal enforcement of an ordinance. The property owner also spoke, indicating the violation was unintended and mitigation would cost thousands of dollars to become compliant. Time stamp: 21:20.

Council adopted an ordinance amending the City Code Taxing District transferring certain parcels from Rural to Urban Service District. Rural Service Districts are taxed at seventy percent of the Urban Service District property tax because they do not use services such as street maintenance and snow plowing. When parcels are developed for private or commercial use, they no longer qualify as agricultural use and are transitioned into the Urban Service District. Time stamp: 39:20.

Council approved easement vacations and a final plat for Graymont Village, a Lennar development south of 105th Street and north of 110th Street. A model home is anticipated to be completed spring 2024. Time stamp: 46:49.

Ryan Contracting Company received a bid award for the Grange Trunk Water Main Project, a $2 million for a large water main to be built around Hamlet Park near the site of the future Grange water tower off of 80th and Grange Street. This is being done to ensure adequate water pressure, following the decommissioning of two wells and will be paid for by the 3M PFAS settlement process. Time stamp: 51:20.

Council approved a site plan review for Trellis Senior Housing, a 52-unit development senior and multifamily rental affordable housing development to be located at Hemingway Ave. S. and 79th Street. Time stamp: 54:03.

Council approved an industrial building for warehouse and office space for Hohenstein Distribution, a family-owned wholesale beer distributor. It will be located in the business park at 95th Street and Jamaica Avenue. Time stamp: 1:09.

Council approved a site plan review and conditional use permit for construction of a Chase Bank Building with a drive through ATM. The property will be leased from Kohl’s and located west of US Bank and north of 80th Street. Time stamp: 1:16.

Here are links for the video and meeting agenda with packets.



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