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ISD 834 School Board Meeting ~ 12/19/2023

The Chief Financial Officer discussed a bond refund opportunity of about 2.3 million to go back to taxpayers over time. The Proposed 2023 payable 2024 final levy was approved.

There was a report and discussion on 2024-25 and 2025-26 district calendar changes. Next year would be similar to the current calendar, but a proposal for 2025-26, would make the first day of school August 18, 2025 and the last day of school May 22, 2026. School quarters would line up with natural breaks and there would be 7 professional development days. Community conversations were scheduled for January 4 and January 11 ahead of a school board vote on January 23, 2024.

A report and discussion on proposed district school day start time changes also took place. The elementary school day would start earlier and the high-school day would start later, as part of an effort to improve mental health and student achievement. These changes would be implemented Fall of 2024. Community conversations were scheduled for January 4 and January 11 before a school board vote on February 20, 2024.

During both discussions, there was much input on when to implement the changes. For more information on these proposals visit


There have been over a thousand responses to a district survey. Feedback has been mixed and included: concerns about work schedules; extracurricular activities; child care; transporting children to/from school; younger children getting on the bus in the dark during winter months; less child care needed before school; increased need for child care after school (325 students are currently on the Adventure Club waiting list); and no clubs, activities or sports before school.



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