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Cottage Grove City Council Meeting ~ March 15, 2023

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Washington County Commissioner Karla Bigham attended the Cottage Grove City Council meeting on March 15, 2023, and announced that curbside organics pick-up is coming to Cottage Grove. The organics will be used for composting, but a recent letter of intent has been signed to add anaerobic digestion that will recycle the organics into biogas. Sam Hanson of Ramsey/Washington Recycling and Energy (R&E) Center shared that organics food scrap bags will be distributed to residents. At the R & E Center robotic arms will be used to separate the organics from the regular trash. Part of Cottage Grove will participate in a pilot program beginning in April. Eventually all residents in Washington and Ramsey Counties will have access to free food scrap recycling from their homes. (time stamp: 14:39).

Council adopted Resolution 2023-038 approving the Site Plan Review, Planned Unit Development, and Conditional Use Permit for a proposed drive-through car wash facility, The Rocket Car Wash, to be located at 8647/8649 East Point Douglas Road South, adjacent to Wendy’s and Target. The property is currently occupied by Big O Tires. (time stamp: 47:16).

The link to the video of the meeting is here. The link for the packet document for the entire meeting is here.



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