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Bigham's Priorities and ISD 833 School Assignments & Policy Changes

During the January 4, 2023, Cottage Grove City Council meeting, newly-elected County Commissioner Karla Bigham shared during open forum that her top priority will be to advance the renovations of Park Grove Library from 2027. She also looks forward to working on issues related to housing, transit and workforce development. Recording starts at 6:15. Link to watch the entire meeting is here. Link to access the agenda and meeting packet is here.

At the District 833 School Board meeting on January 5, 2023, members discussed the merits of assigning district schools to the individual board members. Some concerns were evaluated about the legality and the benefits of the practice. This practice will be voted on during the School Board Business Meeting on January 19, 2023. Recording starts at 55:33.

School policy changes including policy adjustments for non-school-sponsored field trips were presented by Superintendent Julie Neilsen. Recording starts at 1:11:50. Link to watch the entire meeting is here.



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