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August 9, 2023 Grey Cloud Island Township Board meeting

Town Hall Lease (32:30)

The lease on the town hall has been extended 2 years and will end April 13, 2025.

Holcim Reclamation Plan (40:38)

A representative from Holcim presented to the board. As of a May 2023 County Commission Planning Board meeting in Stillwater, Holcim has one and a half years to develop and submit a reclamation plan. Holcim has yet to develop the plan because Grey Cloud Island has the Zoning responsibility and Washington County has final approval of the plan. The land is currently zoned for residential, open space or park. There was discussion about ensuring residents and other stakeholders have an opportunity to weigh in on what will become of the property once mining operations are complete. Meetings are being scheduled with County Commissioner Karla Bigham and Washington County planners.

Property Variance Request (01:21:40)

A variance was requested by homeowners present at the meeting to build a garage. The required setback is 15 -20 feet and the homeowner has requested 5 feet. The meeting was held over to August 24, when there will be a separate variance hearing.


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