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Skills for Bridging the Political Divide 

Public Workshop via Zoom: It’s Time to Sign Up! 

On Tuesday, October 20, from 7 - 9:00 p.m., Zoom will be the place to be. 

The Woodbury Cottage Grove Area League of Women Voters is hosting a workshop with Braver Angels via Zoom to help you learn and practice communication skills for finding common ground with others, especially valuable in this election season. This workshop is free and available to the public via Zoom so invite friends and family to sign up. 

Register for the Zoom link along with additional information and the valuable self-guided on-line training segment. It is important to complete the 40-minute training session prior to October 20. 

Braver Angels is a citizens’ non-partisan organization uniting red and blue Americans.  Its goal is to teach communication skills so people can enjoy respectful conversations  with others of different political viewpoints. 

Questions: contact JoAnn Ward at



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