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Local Redistricting 101 (Updated: video now available)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Monday, February 22, 7:00 pm via Zoom

One result of information gathered during Census 2020 will be the redrawing of voting districts based on population. Ensuring fair redistricting and preventing gerrymandering is a significant priority for the League for 2021.

Redistricting on the state level is a frequent topic, but many of us are just beginning to learn about redistricting in our local government. Local governments that have districts (wards) will engage in their own redistricting process.

Which local governmental unit(s) in the LWV WCGA area have district(s)? (Answer: Washington County.) Why does it matter where the lines are drawn? ... What does the county even do anyway?

Join us on February 22nd to learn not only about the redistricting process, but also about the importance of local government. Two speakers will present:

Stan Karwoski is a Washington County Commissioner, serving District 2 since 2016. He

was serving his fourth term on the Oakdale City Council when elected mayor in 2014. He

is past president and current member of the 622 Education Foundation, and past chairman

and member of the Washington County Park and Open Space Commission. In 2020 he

served on the County Canvassing Board certifying State Legislative and National Election

vote accuracy. Stan is also a LWV WCGA member. (2/22 update: his presentation is available here, or here in a printable format.)

Kathy Tingelstad was a state representative from 1996-2008 and was a part of state

redistricting in 2001. She was then the Anoka County Government Affairs director during

the 2011 redistricting process at the county level. She is a member of LWV ABC and is

involved with LWV MN People Powered Fair Maps(TM) team for local redistricting training

and support to local leagues.

Registration: Open to the public via Zoom.


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