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Introducing the “Let’s Talk Fall Series”

The “Let’s Talk Fall Series” will feature Amended, a podcast from Humanities New York, facilitated by Dr. Laura Free. In this series, Dr. Free, an Associate Professor of History at Hobart & William Smith Colleges will confront suffrage history honestly. “Through Amended, she is committed to creating a platform for stories that were ignored and erased by typical suffrage histories.” We invite you to listen to the introductory podcast for Amended; we think you will enjoy this series.

Amended examines women's suffrage from the 1800’s through the present date. The quest for women’s full equality has always been as diverse, complex and unfinished as the nation itself. The stories in this podcast remind us how women won the vote, and that the fight for women’s voting rights is far from over.

When the 19th Amendment was passed, it prohibited the U.S. and its states from denying citizens the right to vote based upon sex. However, sex was not the only battleground for women’s voting rights and for many women, the fight would continue. Organizations like LWV recognized that the fight for women’s equal voting rights was not over and began working to complete full enfranchisement for women.

The Fall Series is comprised of six podcasts from the Amended series and four bonus episodes. The stories are inspiring and convey more information about the full history of women’s suffrage. The Fall Series will be held from Noon to 1:00 pm beginning Tuesday, September 28 and will run bi-weekly through Tuesday, December 7 (Sept. 28, Oct. 12, Oct. 26, Nov. 9, Nov. 23 and Dec. 7). The first session will include a brief introduction to set the stage for our discussions. This series is open to members of the Woodbury Cottage Grove Area League of Women Voters only.

The facilitator for the Fall Series will be Vivian Latimer Tanniehill. Please complete this form to Register for the Fall Let’s Talk Series – Amended.

Artwork by Simonair Yoho of Kafi Kafi Co. Used with permission.


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