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How Elections Work in Washington County

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

Updated 4/22/2022 ~ video now available - watch here

Monday, April 18 ~ 7:00 pm (Zoom webinar)


  • Christie Piskura, Washington County Taxpayer Services and Elections Manager

  • Jacob Probst, Washington County Elections Coordinator

Mark your calendars now for our public program on How Elections Work in Washington County. Topics will include:

  • Different ways you can vote in Washington County this year;

  • How our votes are counted and the ways the county ensures the results can be trusted by voters;

  • Schedules for elections in 2022;

  • How redistricting will affect how you vote this year

Christie is new in her role since the 2020 election and Jacob is new since the 2021 election. We have all heard conversations about elections and election security since the 2020 election. This will be an opportunity both to get to know Christie and Jacob and to hear from them as non-partisan election professionals directly about how our elections work.

This program will be virtual and requires pre-registration (link). This program will also be open to the public so please share this information with family, friends, and neighbors. If more voters know who administers our elections, understand how our elections work, and why the results can be trusted, the greater will be voter participation and the strength of our democracy.


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