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District Commissioner Maps Open for Comment

A few days ago, Washington County posted eight proposed County Commissioner maps online for public review and comment. These maps are revised only once every 10 years to reflect changes in county population from the Census. Because of the significant population growth in the Woodbury – Cottage Grove area compared to the rest of Washington County, significant changes in commissioner district boundaries are required. The proposed maps vary widely in their impacts on representation for Woodbury and Cottage Grove. In cases where cities are split between multiple districts, the interests of the community may be diluted among other, different interests.

  • Only 1 proposed map (of 8) has 2 Commissioner districts in Woodbury and 1 in Cottage Grove (map C1);

  • 5 maps have Woodbury split between 3 Commissioner Districts with Cottage Grove not split (group A and B maps);

  • 2 maps have both Woodbury and Cottage Grove represented by 2 Commissioners (map D1 and D2)

You are encouraged to review and comment on these proposed maps online no later than Monday, April 18. You can also provide comments in person at the Washington County Board meeting at 9AM on Tuesday, April 19. The Board will vote on maps on Tuesday, April 26. The website to see the maps and submit comments is here: Redistricting | Washington County, MN - Official Website Counties are often called “the invisible level of government”. Many policy decisions and services people typically associate with cities are actually done by counties. Examples include public health and safety; election administration; social and juvenile services; transportation, including mass transit; groundwater and watershed management; and law enforcement and jails. These maps are important to how you are represented in county decisions in these areas. For assistance in reviewing these maps and how to comment contact Paul Huffman ( The LWV WCGA Redistricting Team thanks you for your time and effort in engaging the Washington County government and supporting voters on this important issue.


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